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Dressing Type, Clothing Wear, Capsule Closet

Do you always have trouble finding clothes to combine to suit a certain dressing code?  No more worries as we are here to assist you make changes to your closet to ensure clothes you have are suitable for all occasions. Here we offer advice on different dressing types and how to combine clothes and color to fit into any specific dressing type. We assist you come up with unique customized clothes to suit different dressing codes. There are different clothes that can be used in different dressing types and these are the clothes we assist you to identify any time you go for shopping. 

In this website, you will get adequate advice of the colors and types of clothes to combine to ensure your dressing aligns with your temperament and skin tone. If it is that client you want to impress, visit our site and we will assist you on how to use what is in your closet to get the look you want. 

Are you a youngster finding unique clothes to wear during a specific season? Capsule closet is the best solution to your problems and we are here to guide you on how to create a capsule closet. Someone may be wandering what a capsule closet is, it means having less clothes in your closet that can last you through seasons without going out of function. A capsule closet contains few clothes that you love and they should be the ones that do not go out of function and can be used over seasons. The capsule closet limit is 37 clothes excluding special wears such as pajamas and inner wears.  

Figure 1: How Companies Can Cut Gender Stereotyping from Their Dress Codes (Workforce Opportunity Service, 2019) 

Figure 2: Capsule Wardrobe 101: What Is A Capsule Wardrobe? (, 2019)

These images are from websites and they are created in a way they are plagiarism free. The source of the figure one uses creativity to bring out the message of how dress code can be used by companies to cut down gender stereotype. The image shows different official clothes people can wear while going to work to ensure both genders are dressed the same way. The fact that the writer of the story wanted readers to understand how dress code can be used stop gender stereotypes, creativity has not been killed. The source of the image is not indicated next to the image which means either the writer of the blog was the creator of the image or the writer used another person’s work without acknowledging the person which is plagiarism. 

The second image also upholds a high level of creativity because readers can tell what the story is all about by simply looking at the image. The image is clear enough foe viewers to understand the message it is communicating even without reading the story. This shows that fashion does not kill creativity and it can be used in a creative way to pass a message. The source of the image is indicated below the image which means the writer of the story acknowledges the source of the image. 

References (2019). Capsule Wardrobe 101: What Is A Capsule Wardrobe? 

Workforce Opportunity Service. (2019). How Companies Can Cut Gender Stereotyping from Their Dress Codes.

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